While it may seem that we have been quiet in recent times at the Eurno Project we would like to reassure you all that we are moving forward with our plans. A major part of the Eurno project’s goals is to deliver a unique voting app which will allow ENO token holders to vote on what we do with our charity fund.

In order to complete this we need to get to grips with numerous aspects of the EOS blockchain (as we are currently hosted on Enumivo – a fork of EOS). With that in mind the Eurno lead developer, Paul, has been tinkering away behind the scenes to make some useful applications.

The latest application made by Paul is a cross chain EOS block explorer which can be installed as a plugin on the leading CMS, WordPress. The mentioned plugin will allow anybody who is utilising the WordPress.org CMS to display an EOS block explorer on their website without any prior coding knowledge.

The plugin currently supports the Enumivo, EOS and Telos blockchains and provides information on each chain’s current block producers and the state of the selected chain. It also provides website owners with the ability to allow their visitors to check their balances on all three chains while also allowing for web admins to add as many custom tokens to the plugin as they wish.

The plugin is currently in its beta stages so we are urging all users to take it on a test drive and let us know if you find any bugs which need addressing. As with all our code the plugin is free to use and manipulate as you will.


Download our cross EOS block explorer