Some of you may be aware of the fact that have officially returned from my European travels and am back to working on the Eurno project. If not, you are now. While away I had to jump in to sadly pause the airdrop dApp and make contingency plans but, even with the issues which presented themselves, I was still able to bring you all the news of official incorporation of Eurno LTD – something which puts the project in a the small group of crypto projects which are officially registered and accountable.

Since my previous announcement there has been some movement in our progress and I am delighted to inform you all that we have officially minted the full 50 million ENO tokens on the Enumivo blockchain. The transaction which saw the ENO token being created and minted on the Enumivo network can be viewed on the block explorer here:

This is a significant step in the development of the Eurno project as it allows us to further prepare for our token swap which is due to be officially announced soon. As mentioned in the previous progress report, both myself and Nadim are working out the mechanics of how we will verify users.

The Token Swap

At present we are leaning towards manually processing all claims of our ENO token. This is being seriously considered as it will allow us to ensure that there are no double claims and will protect our initial vision. Our KYC will be a simple one which simply aims to prove that you are a unique person who has not claimed already.

We will be conducting the swap of our ERC20 ENO token before we start issuing the Enumivo main net token to the wider public through our airdrop. This is to ensure those who initially took the time to claim through our dApp are prioritised and to ensure that we can burn the ERC20 tokens which currently exist.

The current plan for our token swap will be to ask users to send their ERC20 ENO to a specific wallet address and then sign the transaction hash with the sending wallet. By doing this users will be able to prove that they own the wallet before submitting their Enumivo account name. As some users do not have an ENU account we will provide the option to create an account before submitting your details. As mentioned before, Aiden has confirmed that he will fund the accounts which are created for our distribution.

Other progress

In other news, since the last update I have personally been working towards getting as many partnerships formed as possible. This is due to holding the opinion that it will be partnerships which make blockchain technology really take off. I have personally reached out to the teams behind both the Trust Wallet and Ethos wallet and am hoping for a reply in the near future.

I have also received translations of the whitepaper in more languages and will be verifying their legitimacy and then publishing them asap.

Finally, some of you may not know that Liteshares is moving to a native token on the Enumivo network which essentially removes all witness nodes and their benefits. This means that the Eurno project will be seeking to find another form of passive income which can replace Liteshares. This is something which is being considered carefully and we will announce it in due time.

Until then chill and wait for more news.