Good morning everyone! I hope you all are well and enjoying your summer! It has been four days since our airdrop dApp was released and I am saddened to have to announce that I am going to be halting it as of today.

This is due to the mass gaming of the system which has been brought to my attention. As anyone who has read our white paper will know our project is meant to be one which helps the world and creates a fair and honest community but it seems there has been a few bad actors which are attempting to treat our project as a cash cow of free tokens.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell, if you have been genuine and only claimed once, you’re fine. If you have claimed multiple times you are likely to end up with a bunch of dead tokens.

We are going to be moving the project to the Enumivo blockchain sooner than expected as it allows us greater control and the ability to send our tokens manually, for free.

We will require you to leave your ENO tokens in the wallet you used to claim the airdrop and then sign a message proving you own the wallet. We will also require a form of identity verification but this will be finalised and will not be an intrusive system, simply one to prove you are unique.

If you do not already own an Enumivo wallet we will create one on your behalf. The reason we will do so is there is a fee to create the account and we would like to reward all those of you who have been genuine by doing so.

What will happen to the ERC20 ENO?

It will proceed with being delisted from any exchanges and then become a dormant token. If those who have fraudulently claimed send us back all their tokens to be burned we will remove them from being blacklisted and reward them with their initial ENO airdrop on the Enumivo blockchain, and make them an ENU account if they need one.

As the token has only just been released we luckily do not have too much work with regards to our token swap. At present there are only 147512.622717 tokens in circulation and we will be contacting the correct people to ensure people to do not buy them on a decentralised exchange.

What to do next

All anyone has to do next is sit back and wait for our next announcement. As you will all probably be aware Paul is travelling although he is still actively working on the project. Please bear that in mind and understand that he is working with Nadim to ensure this project is a success.