After a long couple of months and numerous sleepless nights we are proud to provide our amazing and patient community with an eagerly anticipated updated which covers numerous aspects of the Eurno LTD project.

In this update we have information regarding: the Eurno LTD airdrop, what to do with ERC20 ENO tokens, how bounty participants can claim their payment and the development of the Eurno LTD project as a whole.

So, without further delay, lets get on with it!

The Eurno LTD Airdrop

Fist things first, we are happy to announce that the Eurno airdrop is now active on the Enumivo main network and that we have successfully distributed 230 ENO tokens, each, to 105 unique people. This means that, at the time of writing this announcement, we have distributed 24,150 ENO tokens on the Enumivo main network.

There have been slight amendments to the manner in which the airdrop is conducted and, instead of using a sliding scale to determine the number of ENO tokens each person receives, we have decided to provide all claimants with 230 tokens.

The airdrop is now being conducted using a considerably more secure methodology than our Ethereum dApp allowed and we have integrated claiming into the Enumivo oracle system. All airdrop distribution transactions are currently being managed locally by the Eurno LTD founder (Paul Singh) and a JSON API which stores the name and wallet of all recipients is being continually updated with each distribution.

We have taken the steps to integrate the Enumivo oracle system and manually process distributions  after numerous people gamed our airdrop dApp and fraudulently claimed ERC20 ENO numerous times (we will address this later in this post).

How to claim your ENO airdrop

In order to claim your Eurno airdrop all you need to do is register and verify your identity on the Enumivo oracle service and then pair your main net wallet account with your oracle profile. Once you have had your identity confirmed and your main net wallet is paired you are set to receive the airdrop. You do not have to do anything else. This is because we are pulling all our data from the Enumivo oracle API and then processing transactions automatically.

To register for the Enumivo oracle service please visit the following link: (you will need a valid national ID card or valid official national passport in order to become verified).

Once you have created your Enumivo oracle account you will need to create an Enumivo main network wallet account. You can do that for free by using the Enumivo free wallet bot on Telegram, the link to which is here: (instructions provided by the bot).

After you have successfully created your verified oracle account and made your enumivo wallet account all you need to do is pair the two together. In order to do this log in to your Enumivo oracle account and click the icon of a little person in the top right hand corner of the screen (next to the search field). Once you have clicked this you will see a drop down menu, click on the link that reads “account info”. The following screen will present you with a button which reads “update” click it and input your Enumivo main net account name in the field which is loaded, then click “save”.

You’re done.

Swapping Your ERC20 ENO Tokens

Recently, a common theme in our Telegram channel has been the process by which early claimants of the ERC20 airdrop will be able to swap their tokens. I would like to reiterate to people that swapping their tokens is not necessarily required other than for us to be able to burn the ERC20 ENO tokens. This is due to the fact that the ENO token was never listed on any exchange and the available DEXs show the genuine volume was 0. At present we are planning on requesting Etherscan marks the contract as migrated so it is evident that we are active on the Enumivo main network.

As many will know, the process by which people can burn their tokens will be a simple form which requires they verify their wallet address by signing a message which contains the transaction hash provided when they sent their tokens to the Eurno Ethereum wallet.

Users who burn tokens will be asked for their Enumivo main net account name and their oracle name so we can deduce whether they have already claimed their Eurno airdrop, or burnt tokens and are attempting to claim the reward multiple times. As a thank you to all who part take in token burn we will be offering a 23 ENO (10% of the ENO airdrop) reward for burning your tokens. At present we will be manually verifying all token burns to ensure there are no duplicates.

The official form will be announced in our Telegram channel in the coming days, we ask people please remain patient and bear in mind that the tokens are not tradable at present, nor is the voting dApp ready to provide the utility of the token.

Bounty Payments

We would like request all bounty participants contact us via email or Telegram. We have emailed all those who have completed translations via email and will provide payment once you provide us with your Enumivo main net wallet account name. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work. It is truly appreciated.

Eurno Development Update

Reusable Wordpres Theme

As we are considerably ahead on our targets for this year we have decided to create a reusable WordPress theme which we hope will raise awareness of the Eurno LTD project. The theme is nearing completion (we are working on adhering to the WordPress guidelines to enable listing) and is made with Bootstrap 4 fully implemented along with Popper.js, Font Awesome icons and fully WP customiser integration. The theme will be available fore free and we will continue to support updates for it.

Exchange Listings

Now that we have moved over to the Enumivo main network blockchain the prospect of becoming listed on exchanges is somewhat slightly more challenging. This is due to the fact that many exchanges charge a considerably higher listing fee for projects which are not on the Ethereum network as a result of the technical difficulty in implementing new protocols. We would like to reassure our community that we are working on this although our focus is on development of both Eurno and Enumivo, as well as increasing both communities.

White paper Update

We are working on making the first official update to our white paper. This will include revisions of the sources of passive income for the project and will include information regarding the new distribution process.

We remain committed to our initial goal of unifying as many people as possible, in the aim of betterment of the planet, and are always working on new methods to accomplish it. This will be reflected in the revised white paper.

Voting dApp Development

As we are ahead of schedule we are now beginning to plan the Eurno LTD MVP, the Eurno voting dApp. We will proceed with development of the dApp ASAP and hope that we can beat our initial targets set out in our original roadmap.

Future Bounties

We will soon be announcing some new bounties in an attempt to grow the scope of the Eurno community. The bounties we publish will vary but will be less focused on quantity of actions and more focused on the quality of each users action. As we have always stated, we wish for slow and genuine growth opposed to a rapid influx of people who are in it for a quick buck.

As always, we would like to sign off with a thank you to our amazing community.