Hola! As we get closer and closer to re-releasing our airdrop I wanted to write a report to give everyone an idea of where we are officially at. Currently I am personally working on the easiest way for us to carry out the Eurno airdrop on the Enumivo blockchain. I want this airdrop to be easy and free for all who enter while allowing myself and Nadim to process the transfers as quickly as possible.

Since the last update there has been great advancements with the Enumivo platform and there has been some movement on the plans for distribution with the ENO token on the ENU blockchain. With no further delay I will get on with delivering the goods.

KYC Procedure for the ENO Airdrop

Due to the airdrop dApp we released on the Ethereum network being heavily gamed by a few bad actors we decided to pause our distribution on Ethereum and move straight to Enumivo. As you will know the reason for this was the ability to gain more control over the distribution due to the lack of gas fees.

Since we have paused the airdrop and decided to distribute on Enumivo I am pleased to announce that the Enumivo oracles app is now live and functioning, and that it will form the basis of the KYC for our airdrop. Members of our Telegram will know that we were attempting to create our own KYC system but the release of the oracle system has removed a need for it.

In order to prepare yourself for our airdrop you simply need to head to oracle.enumivo.org and provide the required information.

Once your account has been verified you will have passed the KYC and will need to wait until we release further information. There is no hurry to complete KYC just yet I just thought it would be handy for you all to be aware of what the procedure will be.

New Airdrop Structure

As the weighting in our proposed voting dApp will be capped at 230 ENO we have decided to scrap the deflationary nature of our original airdrop and send all successful claimants a flat amount of 230 ENO.

This is due to, as mentioned, the weighting system which is proposed in the whitepaper and the fact that we wish for this to be equal for all people. One of the reasons for initially introducing the deflationary scale was to attract people to the airdrop and get people to claim quicker. However, it has been decided that this is not necessary and a more equal approach is going to serve us and our community better.

To clarify, this means that we will now be issuing 100,000 people with a flat 230 ENO each.

Reward for Sending ERC20 Tokens back

In order to reward our early adopters we have taken the step to offer a reward for everyone who participates in the token swap. The reward will be 10% of the airdropped amount meaning those who claimed on ETH and perform the token swap will be sent 253 ENO instead of 230, no matter what their claim was on the ETH network.

We are also offering all wallets which have claimed multiple times the chance to earn the same reward for sending all their tokens back to us in order to burn them. It must be pointed out that the ERC20 ENO tokens are worthless and will remain worthless.

The tokens used for the swap reward will come from the development fund in order to preserve the figures presented in our whitepaper.

Bounty Payments

First off I want to thank everyone who has completed work for the Eurno project and shown faith in us. It was always going to be a bumpy road but we are getting there. I wanted to simply take a moment to let all bounty hunters know that we are going to be processing their payments within the coming weeks.

I understand the urge to want your tokens ASAP but please remember they have no use just yet and that we will need to create you an Enumivo account to enable you to claim them. I will be reaching out to bounty hunters via the emails you all provided and let you know when we will be processing payments.