Hi everyone, first off I want to once again thank everyone of you who has been supporting us from the very start of our journey from the bottom of my heart. What we aim to achieve with Eurno is no easy task and while there has been some hiccups, both myself and Nadim are happy with the direction which in the project is moving in.

Many of you will already have your Eurno token airdrop and will be wondering what you can do with your tokens as the sudden halt of the dApp has meant that the ERC20 tokens are not tradable at present. I would like to personally reassure all Eurno token holders by informing you that we are currently working out the finer details of the token swap which will see us move to the Enumivo main network sooner than initially planned.

As with the EOS blockchain, Enumivo accounts are ones which need ENU to be created but, after a discussion with Aiden Pearce, we are happy to inform you all that we will be able to fund all new Enumivo accounts which are created for the token swap and continuation of our airdrop. The airdrop will be continued when I am back from my travels and have finalised the smaller details/mechanics of it.

At present myself and Nadim are finalising a method of verifying all participants of the airdrop in a way which is non-intrusive to your privacy, while providing us the ability to ensure that people cannot claim our airdrop more than once. This is important due to the fact that the ENO token is representative of a vote in our proposed voting dApp which will decide how we use our charity fund.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all that those who have gamed our system and claimed multiple times will be given one chance to own up to doing so and return their tokens to us for burning when we move to Enumivo. By doing so you will be rewarded with the number of tokens which you first claimed and no more questions will be asked of you. Should the aforementioned bad actors fail to do so, they will be left with a utility token which has no use and is not tradable.

At present ERC20 ENO token holders do not need to do anything other than sit tight and be patient. As mentioned what we aim to accomplish is not an easy feat and it is something which is going to take time. I would like to remind everyone of the fact that blockchain technology is new and we are all in unknown territory, this is applicable to all blockchain based projects.

Time for some good news. I am ecstatic to announce that the Eurno project has been incorporated in companies house, UK. This means that the Eurno LTD name is registered and we are now an official business which is operating out of London, UK. Our company number is 11501314. Companies house will be updating their website which will reflect this shortly.

By incorporating our company and officially registering it we hope to instil some confidence in the project and provide the legitimacy which is needed for our project to move forward. When the companies house database it updated it will reflect that the company is dormant. This is due to the fact that we are not trading and to avoid any possible issues in the future.

I would like to end this announcement by, once again, thanking all our supporters and by reaffirming you all that once I return from my travels the Eurno project will continue to be my main priority along with acting as a board member for the Enumivo project. The first focus of mine regarding Eurno will be to conduct our token swap smoothly and then develop our voting dApp. We will be opening a number of positions within the Eurno team and I will announce them as and when it is appropriate.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has been working with us on this ride. I do not want to mention names but you all know who you are and this project would not succeed without you. This is just the beginning. Much love.