Background Information

Our amazing team at the Eurno project are ecstatic to publicly release the official specification details of our proposed Enumivo block producer candidate.

If you have already read our whitepaper you will already be aware of the fact that we will be using profits made from this block producer to fund the Eurno project, which will seek to carry out charitable ventures on behalf of our token holding community. If you haven’t read our whitepaper, there is a link at the bottom of this post.

As we have both been members of the core development team of Enumivo since its inception we should not need to prove our belief and dedication to the project. It should also be noted that the Eurno project will be donating 1 million ENO tokens to the Enumivo UBI fund, when it is release.

Between myself and SoSoLean we will be donating 100k of ENU tokens from our own personal funding and I will also be donating 15% of bounties received by Something Decent to the Eurno project (currently the Eurno wallet has 15,715.305 AMN tokens and 5,276.8729635 OMX tokens). We also collectively hold over 800k ENU tokens between us as blockchain investors.

As is stated on the homepage of the Eurno project, both myself and SoSoLean have been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2015 (SoSoLean since 2012) and we have both been involved with IT and web development for over 15 years. As such, we have both acquired a number of other crypto block producers and witness nodes which will also be allocating some of their profits to the Eurno project.

Eurno Enumivo Block Producer Details

Account name: eurnoproject

Public key: ENU7aSCi53NSkiJSZUPwZKYA4fQiatPoJMxPhoaVBgLZECza8QpCW

ID information

Location of servers: Germany
Type of servers: Cloud

Technical specifications

CPU: 10 core xeon silver 4114
RAM: 50 gigs
Space: 1200 GB
Network: 1 Gbit/s

Estimated scaling plan for hardware

CPU: 10/20 core xeon e5 2.2 Ghz dedicated
RAM: 256/512 GB
Space: 2TB SSD (NVMe)
Network: 1 Gbit/s / 10 Gbit/s

Telegram Names

Node: eurnoproject
Telegram: @sosolean @PeesusJesus

Social Media

Telegram Chat:
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